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At the end of the first course (CC001) of learning the Chinese language, we are very satisfied by the progress we have made. Although it takes quite some effort to learn a new language, the course given by CCN is very helpful. Not only the classes, but all the extra help from the teacher (Zhang Laoshi), the extra assignments and the help from the App Skritter, makes learning a new language fun! Therefore we recommend CCN to anyone willing to learn Chinese. We are ready for next semester!
Date of Posting: 22 June 2014
Posted By: Joeri en Ramon
CC001, Utrecht

I am very happy that you installed her, Jia laoshi as teacher at Chinese College Nederland. She's friendly and patient. Explains the grammar well and does not stop teaching outside class hours. She created a chat group in We-chat, where we can drop any question regarding Mandarin. She's also approachable via email. Besides that, she makes power point presentations, which she sends afterwards, with background information or supplementary conversation.

Furthermore, she invites us to make presentations ourselves, regarding the lessons learned, to practice our vocal skills.

I hope she will 'transfer' with us to group CC003, after the summer break.

Date of Posting: 13 May 2014
Posted By: Henk Brust
CC002 /Jia Xiaoqin, Utrecht
Thank you CCN, I got HSK-3 diploma!
For the last 3 years I was studying chinese at the Leidse Rijncollege on the Tuesday evenings. I liked the lessons very much and would like to thank all teachers and especially Elaine Chen and Xiaoli Dong who both were very patient and supportive to improve my chinese language skills. The tests each semester helped to do the HSK 3 test which I finished in December 2012 with good result and diplom. This would not have been possible without the lessons. Last but not least I recommend anyone to attend the chinese language and culture lessons and extend his or her horizon.

Best regards, Leon
Date of Posting: 27 January 2013
Posted By: Leon Cooijmans
Student of Xiaoli Dong and Elaine Chen, Utrecht
Wan shang hao!
Wat hebben we de afgelopen 4 maanden veel geleerd bij de basisgroep 1 in Utrecht. Mandarijn is lastig maar door elke week naar de les te gaan en ook elke week je huiswerk te maken, lukt het om de basis van het Mandarijn te leren. En het is een hele uitdaging, want er zijn ook in Nederland veel mogelijkheden om met je kennis aan de slag te gaan.

Date of Posting: 30 January 2012
Posted By: Jacqueline Hoogenboom
CC001, Utrecht
Dàjiā hǎo。
(Hallo iedereen)

我叫Patricia Mac-Donald。
Wǒ jiào Patricia Mac-Donald。
(Ik heet Patricia Mac-Donald)

Wǒ shì yú yuán xuéyán de xuéshēng。
(Ik ben student van de taalcollege)

我的老师叫Guo Lily。
Wǒ de lǎoshī jiào Guo Lily。
(Mijn docent heet Guo Lily)

Tā jiào hěn hǎo。
(Zij geeft heel goed les)

Ja,jullie lezen het 1 semester dit geleerd en nog veel meer mede door een leuke, geduldvolle en vakbekwame docent Guo Lily.
郭老师 , 很 高兴 认识你。
Guō lǎoshī, hěn gāoxìng rènshi nǐ。
(Docent Guo, ik ben blij u te ontmoeten.)

Ik ging elke donderdagavond en ook het komend semester met heel veel plezier naar de college in Amsterdam.
Elke week een luistertoets van een paar minuten komt je chinees alleen maar ten goede.
Het huiswerk wordt ALTIJD nagekeken en besproken en…de docent weet precies wie welke fout heeft gemaakt.
Niet te vergeten de gezellige mede(ex)studenten. We hebben er inmiddels een leuke “CCCC” Chinese College Chī Club ( De NiHao – eetclub) bestaande uit studenten,ex-studenten en docent. Samen heerlijk eten!!!



Ài qún
Date of Posting: 24 August 2011
Posted By: Patricia Mac-Donald
Student van Guo Lily, Amsterdam

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