From A to Z is the Latin alphabet. The Chinese language works very differently! In the interview of Omroep Flevoland, the dean of the Chinese Education Center, who is also a board member of Chinese College, will tell you all about the language!

Have you always wondered, How tough Chinese is? How do you start learning Chinese? What methods do you use? How long does it take you as a Dutch person to learn Chinese fluently? Are there things that correspond in the Dutch and Chinese language?
Quickly click on the video and listen to her! (in Dutch)

Based on a study by Indeed and interviews with, among others Chinese College Nederland, that a growing number of employers are looking for employees who speak Chinese. They state that being able to speak Chinese is a clear plus on the CV and gives better career prospects.

Read the full article from RTLZ: Employee who speaks Chinese popular: 'Better career perspective' (in dutch)

On 22 December 2019 RTL 4 broadcasted the show De Battle.
Famous Dutch and Belgians received challenges before the show which they had to perform during the broadcast.
Najib Amhali got the challenge for the 22 December show to learn 200 Chinese words in a short time.

Our Wen Zhang was Najib's teacher and coach for this challenge
and Jane Zhang was during the braodcast the Chinese translator to test how well Najib mastered the words.

Look below at the clips (in Dutch) of the preparation and broadcast with our Jane en Wen Zhang.

Source: RTL4 22 december 2019