The Chinese language is a major world language. In the Netherlands the interest in the Chinese language for professional needs or personal interest is growing. In business transactions, the tourist destinations and sport the Chinese language is booming and will increasingly be used. Learning Chinese is one of the best and pleasant investments you make in your life. Our Chinese courses are designed for anyone who wants to understand, speak and read the Chinese language in a fast and practical way.

We offer Chinese courses at all levels by highly qualified and experienced Chinese teachers. Our school semesters start each year in September and February in Almere , Amsterdam and Utrecht . You will learn the basics of Mandarin Chinese. That is the language that is also taught at Chinese schools. With our courses you will not only learn to speak and understand Chinese, but also to recognize 300-1000 Chinese characters that are essential to read inscriptions, web pages, headlines, signs, or short letters.

Chinese is a tonal language. The same word may mean something totally different if you pronounce it at a different pitch. During the course, special attention is paid to this peculiarity. In addition to the lessons, you have course material in the form of books and CDs, so you can easily and effectively practice pronunciation and listening at home.

You are assured of the highest quality. The CCN can provide you a certificate at the end of your study period. This document is available in English and Chinese, and will state your hours of study at CCN as well as study materials used and the marks obtained.

Autumn period will start in September 2021.

Online registration is now open.


Download here the roster of the Autumn semester

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Chinese for children, every Saturday from 10:00 to 13:00 hours in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Almere, see

All courses are currently taught online. All the teachers of our school have had intensive training before and are able to master the program efficiently.
We would like to see everyone back in a classroom, when the coronavirus is under control. Before that, we will do everything we can to make the online lesson as interesting and effective as possible.

We have received a lot of positive feedback from the students about the online lessons.

They wrote about the teachers:
   • She was nice, cheerful and full of knowledge of language and culture;
   • She gave very interesting lessons and was able to convey the teaching material well;
   • I really liked how she gave the best possible feedback and encouraged the students' curiosity; the lesson was very interactive;

On June 19, 2021, the Chinese College (CCN) organized the HSK exams in Amsterdam, in collaboration with the Confucius Institute Groningen. The CCN usually does this twice a year. Due to the coronavirus, it only happened once this year.


As an extra service for our students, the CCN has helped them with registration and preparation. For example, the CCN prints the admission ticket and lends out the special 2B pencils. When the HSK certificates are ready, we will also hand them out personally or send them to the students.



Based on a study by Indeed and interviews with, among others Chinese College Nederland, that a growing number of employers are looking for employees who speak Chinese. They state that being able to speak Chinese is a clear plus on the CV and gives better career prospects.

Read the full article from RTLZ: Employee who speaks Chinese popular: 'Better career perspective' (in dutch)