Some courses are currently taught online. All the teachers of our school have had intensive training before and are able to master the program efficiently.
We would like to see everyone back in a classroom, when the coronavirus is under control. Before that, we will do everything we can to make the online lesson as interesting and effective as possible.

We have received a lot of positive feedback from the students about the online lessons.

They wrote about the teachers:
   • She was nice, cheerful and full of knowledge of language and culture;
   • She gave very interesting lessons and was able to convey the teaching material well;
   • I really liked how she gave the best possible feedback and encouraged the students' curiosity; the lesson was very interactive;

   • She explained the grammar clearly. She also had a good distribution of new words and grammar in her lessons;
   • Besides her good explanation about grammar, interesting stories about culture, she knows how to keep the lesson alive.
   • She can stimulate and motivate you very well and makes subjects light-hearted easily;
   • Lots of variety in the lessons, made extra fun with online games.
   • Good teaching method so that material becomes clear.

Students find the following aspects of the course most useful:
   • Being able to practice speaking and grammar in class;
   • Linguistic backgrounds, cultural knowledge, doing exercises in class;
   • Practice writing characters, recording sentences and conversations with the teacher and fellow students;
   • Practice reading without pinyin. You were doing three things at once: speaking skills, character recognition, and reading comprehension.
   • Conduct presentation and conversation;
   • Recording the texts on WeChat to have the pronunciation checked;
   • Text analysis with tips and tricks that are always applicable.

The opinions about online teaching form (Zoom) are:
   • Excellent alternative to physical lessons;
   • Good, saves a lot of travel time;
   • Very nice, hope the option remains;
   • I think the teachers are very good with Zoom;
   • I prefer, it takes time and money for me to travel to class;
   • The lessons are easy to follow, partly due to the space the teacher also gave for additional questions;
   • Great, the teacher can handle it well and it saves a lot of travel time;
   • The lessons are easy to follow. The only downside is that practicing speaking is a bit trickier online;
   • Lessons via Zoom are ideal for me;
   • Zoom has been an excellent temporary solution, the lessons are well prepared and attention is paid to the interaction. Still prefer classical lessons.